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AeroVisionary Associates is a group of four aviation industry professionals who can provide OEM’s, aircraft leasing companies, airlines, financial institutions, and investors with expert advice – allowing confident planning for and selection of both current and future products, services, and strategies.
With more than 30 years of management experience apiece in careers at GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney, CFMI, IAE, Engine Alliance, and Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the partners offer their comprehensive understanding of the commercial aviation industry in order to provide objective and independent assessments of current / proposed programs or strategies utilizing the most up-to-date information and analysis.
These services offer the broadest scope of evaluation needed to be prepared for industry changes and new business developments.  Client studies can range in depth from the generic to detailed analyses tailored to respond to customers’ specific requirements.

The AVA group will be offering its services in the areas of:
- industry forecasting
- business & strategic planning
- market analysis
- product evaluation & strategy
- route analysis & fleet planning
in addition to other areas of aviation interest
in which their expertise may be of benefit to clients.
     The principals at this time are:

Robert J. Conboy
     President and CEO
Robert DeVore,
     Vice-President & Partner
Billie W. Jones
     Vice-President & Partner
Vernon F. Thomas
     Vice-President & Partner


AeroVisionary Associates can be contacted at
6805 Cambridge Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45227-3227
Phone: (513) 321-1218
Fax: (513) 871-7940

(To contact the partners individually, refer to the Contact Us page.)

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