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Robert J. Conboy | Robert DeVore | Billie W. Jones | Vernon F. Thomas

  Robert J. Conboy, President & CEO

  • Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY
  • Served three years as an officer in the US Army
  • Education -
         BS Aeronautical Engineering
               University of Detroit
         MBA University of Hartford
         MS Engineering Rensselaer
  • 24 Yrs GE Aircraft Engines
         Gen'l Mgr Marketing Department
         Gen'l Mgr Aircraft Programs Dept
         -      GE Long-Range Forecast
         -      Advanced Engine Programs planning & strategy - prime interface with Airubs & Boeing
         -      Negotiations of GE Business agreements for commerical engine programs (including the Engine Alliance)
  • 15 Yrs Pratt & Whitney
         Strategic Planning & Airline Sales
    Robert DeVore, VP & Partner

  • Born & raised in Akron, OH
  • US Army veteran
  • Education –
         BA Physics and Economics,
               Ohio Wesleyan University
         MS Aeronautical Engineering
                Ohio State University      
         MBA Finance and Marketing
                   Seattle University
  • 32 Yrs Boeing Commercial Airplanes
         Dir. Engine Management
         -      Engine Strategy
         -      Engine Contracts
         -      Engine Procurement
         Dir. Product Strategy
         -      Market forecasts
         -      Strategic Planning
         -      Product Planning
         -      Business Case Analysis
         Sr. Engineer
         -      Airplane Performance
         -      Wing Design

    Billie W. Jones, VP & Partner

  • Born & raised in KingsMountain, NC
  • Education -
         BS Applied Mathematics
               North Carolina State University
         MBA Marketing and Finance
                   University of Connecticut
  • 38 Yrs Pratt & Whitney
         Mgr, Market Planning & Analysis
         -      Commercial Market Forecast
                Commercial transports & engines
                Bottom-Up Airline forecast
                Engine shop visit forecast
         Director, Marketing Operations for IAE International Aero Engines AG
         -      Market Forecasting
         -      Airline Economic Analysis
         -      Sales support
         -      Operating costs & cash flow analysis
         2 years in scientific computer analysis

    Vernon F. Thomas, VP & Partner



  • Born & raised in Cincinnati, OH
  • Education -
         BA Philosophy, Magna cum Laude
               Duns Scotus College, Detroit
    MA English Literature
                Xavier University, Cincinnati
         MBA Mgmt Information Systems
                   Xavier University, Cincinnati
  • 35 Yrs GE Aircraft Engines
         Mgr, Market Analysis & Mgmt Info
         -     Market analysis
         -     Commercial Market Forecast
                     Large comm'l transports
                     Regional jets
                     Commercial turboprops
         -      Engine flying hours forecast
         -      Creator & publisher the GEAE Commercial Market Assessment
         Prior to 23 years spent in marketing, worked in IT as systems analyst / systems designer and in finance.
  • 1 Yr. at IBM; 1 Yr. as educator

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